Pictures, or it didn’t happen!

With the recent formation of Hive76’s Flickr pool, I thought I would take the opportunity to post some of the great pictures we’ve been capturing during our Teh Art of Electronics (sic,TM) sessions!

Originally designed to be a book study group, our introductory offering on the subject has morphed into quite the full-fledged intro course! Thanks to our resident gurus, the curious world of electronics has begun to unfold for some of Philadelphia’s creative minds. As a starting point, our students have learned about the relationships between charge, voltage, current, and power. We’ve since moved on to more complex topics and hope to finish out with learning about creating sensors!

So, if you’ve got some pictures of the space, or the the folks here at Hive76, and would like to share them with us, take a minute to hop on Flickr and join the group!

Hope to see you at our next [ open_house || class || event ] !

Disclaimer: These particular photos were taken with my phone, so please excuse the graininess for now. I’ll be sure to improve their quality with a better camera in the coming sessions.

Herbie Hancock on Sesame Street

The worlds funkiest electrical engineering major  shows the Sesame Street kids the joys of technology and music! Check it out!

Also, check out him and Q talking shop about rad 80s synth technology here.

Though I’m personally more of a fan of his 70’s work with analog and electro-acoustic instruments: here and here

Beer Brewing Classes

The University Arts League has tons of cool classes this summer…everything from pottery to “Reggae Aerobics”. Saturday was the first session of a 10-class series on Beer Brewing! hopefully some slots are still open for anyone who wants to sign up late. Go to for details.

Wikipedia Takes Philadelphia

This Sunday (April 11) at Noon a there is a Wikipedia scavenger hunt and photo shoot that is happening in and around Philadelphia. There is a huge list of places that need Wikipedia Photos around our city. The goal is to get as many of them photographed and into Wikipedia in a weekend, and get a better set of city photos up.

If you have a camera and want to run/walk/bike around and get some photos of the city. Sunday’s event would be a great time to do that.

Our Calendar is Moving.

Tonight I’m going to switch the website calendar over to run off of our domain ( instead of having it on Please email if/when you notice any missing or problematic calendar events in the next week or so!

Make things awesome, Make Awesome Things,
– Instigator

April Philly Robotics Group Meetup

It’s almost time for robots again!

Come join us for the April Philadelphia Robotics Group Meetup. We’ll be having our normal robotics discussion/showing, and member Nelson Brown will demo an AVR-based video game.

Info: April 8th, starting at 7:30.

3 Hour Game Jam with

Next Saturday at Hive76 we will be hosting an international 3 hour game jam with Contestants have 3 hours to complete a small game based on a secret theme, to be revealed at the beginning of the contest. This contest has a secondary requirement that all of the games have to be puzzle games.

Any programming language and API is acceptable, as long as it will run in some way (app or web app) on the judges 64-bit Windows Vista machine or their Mac Mini.

Third and second places are premium memberships (3 months and one year, respectively) to First prize is a $75 gift card for!

Organizer: Sean McBeth (Philip Fominykh at the assist)
More Information at :
Saturday, April 10th, contest starts at 5:00PM