Guitar Effects 101 – again

Its Alive!Back By Popular Demand:
Build Your Own Effect Pedal!
Where: Hive76 (915 Spring Garden)
When: Sunday, January 10 at 1:00 PM
Cost: $50
Open to all abilities, ages 14+.

Hive76 has wanted to host an introductory electronics class for some time now. But instead of teaching folks how to solder together some dinky LED circuit, we decided to teach them how to make vintage guitar effect pedals!

Whether you are an old hand on the DIY electronics scene, or if you have never touched a soldering iron before, you will leave this class with some learnings about electronics, invention, and music, and, best of all, your very own home-brewed Tube Screamer clone, a classic distortion pedal if there ever was one.

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Project Operation completed

About a month ago, Body Worlds 2 (currently at The Franklin Institute) contacted the crew from Make:Philly about making a giant version of the board game Operation for an event at Body Worlds.

Make:Philly had the skill to build it, but no place to work on such a project, since their regular home (at the Industrial Design Department of UArts) is a presentation space, not a build space. So Make:Philly turned to their friendly neighborhood hackerspace (us) as a place to build the project.

So after 5 weekends of tinkering, tweaking, and painting, the Make:Philly and Hive76 crew(s) deliverer the finished game to the event last Friday. Unfortunately, the event got snowed out, and Body Worlds is working on snow date for it.

In the meantime, here are some photos of the project.

Party Photos

Here are some very pink, and very blurry photos I took at our super rad party (The more beer I had, the blurrier they got I think..)

We hope you see you at the next one.