MakerBot recommended Extrusion Temperatures for different materials

NopHead is a lead designer of the RepRap 3D printer, and designed the Skyhook that we’re using all the time while printing at Hive. He’s worked out some good temperatures for extruding different materials in this RepRap guide for Newbies, which i’m reprinting here for posterity:

HDPE.raft_temp = 200
HDPE.first_layer_temp = 240
HDPE.layer_temp = 220

PCL.raft_temp = 0 // no raft
PCL.first_layer_temp = 130
PCL.layer_temp = 120

ABS.raft_temp = 200
ABS.first_layer_temp = 215
ABS.layer_temp = 230

PLA.raft_temp = 0
PLA.first_layer_temp = 180
PLA.layer_temp = 160

heated build platform for MakerBot

check out our work on making a heated build platform for MakerBot. The primary goal was to make it as light as possible since the stage is actively moving, so that means just some nichrome, a thermistor, and some silicone as a carrier. The silicone is also an insulator (very important!!) so no kapton tape is needed and we can see clearly what’s going on inside because the silicone is also clear. we currently use a reprap motherboard and extruder to drive the heat, looking at simpler electronic design soon (but this setup has the excellent PID in the extruder firmware 1.6!).

Stickers, we haz them!

Our first batch of stickers have arrived. That being said, the first person (non-Hive76 member) to tweet this post, and comment the link to said tweet here will get some stickers for free!

Hive76 Stickers

Thanks to Highlander Graphics for the great work!

Pumpcon 2009

Pump_logo500There are no words to describe the sadness in my soul as I woefully admit to the public that there will be a pumpcon 2009. Or, as Pumpcon themselves put it Fuck! Not AGAIN!! It’s Pumpcon 2009 b1tch3z… Pumpcon is Philadelphia’s only con, and of course it’s on Goth Christmas so a lot of geeks are already partied out that weekend. If you have a strong stomach, a strong desire to learn, and are not afraid of getting technical, PumpCon is the place to be.

Early Friday October 30th till dawn Sunday, November 1st 2009
Contact them at at

Best Western Inn
501 N. 22nd St.
Philadelphia, PA 19130

Big Planning meeting coming up….

EDIT: We will be meeting Sunday October 22nd at 7:00PM at the space. for this meeting. See the agenda on the wiki for topics for the night.

Hive76 has a good chance to grow, and we need to move on it reasonably quick. To decide how to deal with the opportunity, and better organize our group, we are going to have a 2+ hour planning/ organization meeting. This meeting is key for Core/Basic members, and people that have a strong interest in Hive76. Input is welcome from all parties, but voting on issues is reserved for Hive76 members.

We are picking a date now, and will announce the meeting date on the mailing list. If you are interested in Hive76, and want to see become even more amazing, this is a good time to get interested. The Planning Meeting date will be added to this post as soon as we nail it down, so watch this space

Music Effects Study Group this Monday

On Monday the 19th, we’ll be having our second monthly Guitar Effects and Synthesizer Study Group.  Please stop by 915 Spring Garden at 7:30PM and bring your own musical project to work on or show off.  If you don’t have a project, we’ll dig one up for you and get you started. 

This event is free and open to people of all stripes and abilities.

Gameboy Hacking

tmp_gboy_classWe has a pretty awesome Gameboy Hacking class Saturday that got some good interest, especially following 8static the night before. We ended up with 9 folks walking away with an old school GameBoy fully decked out to be a sweet chiptunes platform. The folks from nonfinite electronics walked us through the mods, and made sure everyone walked away happy.

It’s good to put you money where your mouth is, so you want to grab some GBA parts, or USB Programmable cards for Gameboy, may I suggest buying from folks that run cheap classes for fans?

TGIMBOEJ lands at Hive76

TGIMBOEJ (The Great Internet Migratory Box Of Electronics Junk) has landed at Hive76! What’s in it?photo

A gravimetric multimeter?

A samurai dagger converted into a soldering iron?

Augmented Insanity Sunglasses?

Your guess is as good as any.

Since the contents will likely change instantaneously upon exposure, the ONLY way to find out is to stop by Hive76 tomorrow night for the grand box opening, Schrödinger’s cat be damned.

Nintendo Hacking with nonfinite on Oct 11

8static has it’s one year party this coming Saturday night, Oct 10th, and they are bringing nonfinite of Nonfinite Electronics into town for the show. While he is here in town, we’re going to wring every drop of DIY and Electronics out of ’em, with a Gameboy Modding class ( Oct 11 from 5PM-8PM) at Hive76.

Gameboy’s are the chiptune machine of choice, with most artists doing the audio (or video) bending off of the tiny platform. This class will show you how to mod a gameboy (provided as part of the cost) so that you can create your own art with it, with one of the best gameboy modding experts in the USA. The $45 entry fee covers material costs, including one GameBoy as well as all parts needed for modification will be provided for you. Additional items, such as cartridges for loading music software, link cables, etc. will be available for purchase as well. If you want tickets, you should get them soon, they’ll move fast.